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Raids on the Border

Border Patrol's raids of No More Deaths had been on the rise, even during COVID, almost seemingly because of COVID. The raids have been on humanitarian-aid stations, and against activists and undocumented people trying to make it through the desert. This is about the rise and normalization of cruelty in the U.S.A. and specifically, Arizona. 

Sleeping in Trains!

Arizona was propelled into statehood due to the arrival of trains -- trains made the Arizona we know today. One way of relaxing into the past could be staying at Canyon Motel, and spending the night in a renovated train car!

Desert Art Museum in Fall 2020: Absence 

The Tucson Desert Art Museum's exhibits this year were stunning, and I wanted to attempt to memorialize this season. As many of us stay home and away from art, we often long for encounters with beauty. The exhibit included the art of the Buffalo Soldiers by David Laughlin, "The Dirty Thirties," and The REDress Project by Métis artist Jaime Black. These pieces say something about what has past, what is no longer here; this absence, whether it's to the inevitability of time or the cruelty of structural systems, you can feel what is gone. 

Oak Flak, Hallowed Ground

Oak Flat and the indigenous sovereignty over this land has been a years-long fight between the Apache and the government catering to a foreign mining company. One being accelerated by the Trump Administration before the end of his term. What is going on with Oak Flat, and why do struggles like this continue to define Arizona? 

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